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WIM/WIE Panel: Alpha Girls – What Does It Take to Break Into the C-Suite

Tuesday, November 5 at 09:00  |  Room 5

Inspired by the recent book Alpha Girls: The Women Upstarts Who Took on Silicon Valley’s Male Culture and Made the Deals of a Lifetime by Julian Guthrie, this panel will discuss what it takes to move up the management chain and eventually into the C-suite* in a male-dominated tech world.  Alpha Girls is the story of four women who succeeded in Silicon Valley venture capital. Five tips extracted from the book will be discussed and debated: your family doesn’t need you every second, humor works wonders, don’t sit on the sidelines, find out about the locker room talk, and don’t enable underachievement.  Do these tips apply equally as well to men and women?  Are there differences between academia and industry? Join the panel session to hear the wisdom shared by leading high tech women and share your own experiences.

*C-Suite: group of officers of a business organization who have the word "chief" in their titles.

Organizer: Amelie Hagelauer, Sherry Hess

9:00-9:10 Welcome Message: Dr. Amelie HagelauerUniversity of Erlangen, Germany

9:10-9:50 Invited talk: Prof. Yonina EldarWeizmann Institute of Science, Israel

9:50-10:40 Panel: Alpha Girls – What Does It Take to Break Into the C-Suite


Ayelet Gradman, AGPR, Israel

10:40-10:50 Concluding Remarks: Dr. Sherry HessAWR Group, National Instruments, USA


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