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WirelessApps - Call for Papers

COMCAS Wireless Applications Seminars (WirelessApps) provide exhibitors with a great opportunity to present technical content to both exhibitor and conference attendees. As a COMCAS exhibitor, you are eligible and invited to submit a proposal for a WirelessApps presentation. Presentations should focus on state-of-the-art products and design techniques, as well as general concepts and processes of interest to the microwaves, communications, antennas and electronic systems community.  

COMCAS WirelessApps Details:

  • Presentation length is 20 minutes.
  • The WirelessApps room is easily accessible from the exhibition and conference floors.
  • The agenda is promoted within the show guide and printed flyers will be available at registration desks.
  • Presentations are made available after COMCAS to all attendees via a downloadable link.

WirelessApps Proposal Format:

  • Each WirelessApps paper/presentation proposal must be submitted as a PDF (Acrobat v6.0 or newer) file.
  • Submissions must be in English only.

Proposal to Contain:

  • Speaker information – including name(s), title(s), affiliation, company, telephone number, and email address.
  • Title of talk – 10 to 20 words maximum.
  • Abstract - A 100-200 word abstract describing the product or process, its importance to the wireless community, and how it advances the state of the art in an application. 
  • Release statement – A statement on company letterhead that authorizes COMCAS 2019 to print your abstract, record and publish your technical presentation, and publish your manuscript on a website for download.

WirelessApps Selection Criteria:

  • Each submission will be reviewed by the COMCAS 2019 WirelessApps committee based on the abstract.
  • The selection criteria include relevance and interest to the general communications community.
  • Tutorials and application notes on basic techniques and applied knowledge are encouraged.
  • Marketing, sales, or theoretical presentations are not appropriate for WirelessApps.


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